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On this page you will find an overview of new features, firmware updates

To install the firmware updates, simply go to the dingz application.

Firmware 2.0

Firmware 2.0 Live

The 2.0 firmware brings a series of new functions:

Group control
Astronomical calendar
Dynamic light
Ventilation timer

If you have a question about this, drop us a message here :

Solar Manager News

Solar Manager

Follow the status of your home on the LED dingz with Solar Manager AG.
Control your household appliances with energy from your own grid!

Green: surplus production
Red: current taken from the grid
Blue: optimized around the zero point
Yellow: freely adjustable threshold for switching on appliances

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Converter 0-10V

The dingz converter converts a 230VAC phase-cut dimming to a 0-10VDC signal to dim the LED strips

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Configurator + Playground

Create your own Wifi commands, transfer them directly to the dingz and keep an overview of your complete installation.

Coming soon

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Remote control

Remote control of buildings via the dingz Cloud.

There are already several ways of remote control: Mystrom, Homekit or Control4

Gateway weather station

Weather station

Integration of weather station to make lights and blinds act according to weather conditions.

For example: Raising the blinds when it is windy or tilting the slats according to the sun.

For any question, don’t hesitate to send us a message.