Turn on everything from anywhere!

dingz switches immediately bring more comfort to every room in the house and are very easy to install

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dingz base

Our switches work through standard wiring. They are suitable for both new housing and renovation.

The Base dingz has 4 dimmable outputs or 2 blind motors. These outputs are independent of the Front

Immediately functional

Once connected, the dingz is immediately functional and can be tested without the need for any configuration or application

Access point

Each dingz Front generates its own Wi-Fi access point. This makes it easy to pre-configure the basic functionality on a site.

Lamps configuration

Each connected device can be configured according to preference without changing the wiring. Simply assign new buttons in the app.

dingz lamp
dingz storen

Grouping of blinds

Depending on the desired logic, the blinds can be controlled via 1 or 2 buttons. The slats can be adjusted by long presses or by the app.

If the blind wires are crossed, we simply reverse the raising and lowering of the blinds on the app. The M1 & M2 wiring remains the same. 

Smart on demand

Once the dingz are connected to the home network, the possibilities are multiplied by ten with other compatible devices.

Any product with an open API can be controlled by the switches.

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dingz wlan


Hue and Sonos are integrated in the dingz application. Commands and scenarios can be configured on the buttons.

Use multi-clicks and long clicks to accumulate features.

Two way switch

Need to connect multiple switches in a corridor or staircase?

Just use standard push buttons (pulse), motion detectors or other dingz.

Each dingz has 1 configurable input.

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More Value

A dingz installation is not much more expensive than a standard installation thanks to the removal of other switches.

The accommodation offers an added value of comfort.


The dingz installation is a long-term investment thanks to the scalable technology without hardware changes and without costs.

The application is regularly updated to receive news

Download & Reset

Downloading and re-uploading the configuration for similar units is a real time saver in integration.

The configuration is always saved in the Front. It can be reset if the tenant changes.

Renovation and modernization

The big advantage is that you can switch from a standard installation to a smart home in the blink of an eye.

Simply replace the old switches. The connection remains the same

The dingz can also be connected to standard push buttons.

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