dingz App

If a new FW version is available for dingz, it will be displayed in the dingz app. You can then choose yourself on which dingz the new FW version should be installed.

No, an update of the dingz FW cannot be undone for security reasons.

Sonos & Hue must be set up first. Select “Sonos & Hue” in the top left menu and search for Sonos devices or authorize the Hue Bridge for dingz. You need to be on the same Wi-Fi network.

dingz installation

Press and hold both diagonal buttons 1 and 4 simultaneously for 10 seconds. The LED flashes 5x alternately white/red – this resets the settings of the dingz switch to the standard configuration. The connection to the WiFi is not lost.

If your dingz switch does not work, the following measures are possible:

1) Turn your dingz switch OFF and ON again

2) Perform a factory reset (the connection to the WiFi is lost and your dingz switch has to be reconfigured)

1) Éteignez et rallumez votre interrupteur dingz

2) Effectuez une réinitialisation d’usine (la connexion au WiFi est perdue et votre commutateur dingz doit être reconfiguré)


A detailed manual for the installation can be found at https://www.dingz.ch/documentation. The “Installation Manual” and “Web Interface Manual” are recommended.

Yes, dingz can be accessed via a REST API, documentation on http://api.dingz.ch