The silent revolution

Smart Home – the problem: connected homes are either expensive, complicated, fragile and quickly obsolete, or they are equipped with gadgets of limited use. That’s why we invented dingz: your Smart Home should be easy to install and even easier to use. It shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg and should be able to adapt to future developments. We think we’ve done it – what looks like a nice wall switch is nothing less than the link between a conventional home and the standard of the future.

We are pioneers

Our customers are too and that suits us perfectly.

The dingz team

Team iolo

Reto Straumann


8 1

David Rieder

Sales Manager Swiss-German (DE)


Bastien Stegmann

Sales Manager Romandie (FR, EN)

11 1

Thomas Baumgartner

Logistics and production manager

10 1

Sebastian Graf

Senior Software Engineer


Quentin Rapin

Embedded Software Engineer

Always on the lookout for new talent

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